Are Spinal Adjustments Painful?

Are Spinal Adjustments Painful?

The main reason why people go to the doctor is to find some sort of relief. They go with hopes of good news from test results to relieve their worries. They go to hear their pregnancy is going well and their unborn is stable and healthy. But most of all, patients seek out doctors to find physical relief. A spinal adjustment works in the same manor as a pain reliever; it provides instant relief. The question that many curious potential patients ask is, will it hurt?

In short, no, a spinal adjustment should never hurt. It’s not anything like popping an arm back into its socket or setting a bone into place after a break. Getting your spine adjusted should provide you instant relief, and the actual adjustment should not hurt either. To put this into perspective, have you ever “cracked” your neck when you think it feels tight? It was a relieving feeling, right? The same goes when you are getting adjusted. Of course, cracking your own neck, knuckles, back, or any other joints on your own is not actually good for you. You could be creating a problem in your future. A chiropractor goes through years of med school to become educated on how to

properly perform spinal adjustments… and they aren’t “cracking” anything.
It is understandable why patients can feel nervous about their first appointment with a chiropractor. Often times they will hear the word “crack” and that can completely throw them off. You should know that this is far from what a chiropractor is actually doing. They do not “crack” anything. People use that word to describe the slight popping noise they hear when pressure is put on the adjusting joints. The adjustment is mostly done by hand and is gentle. Matter of fact, not every adjustment makes a popping noise to begin with.

Chiropractors base their practice on holistic health. They do not require you to put harmful chemicals in your body. They do not mask a problem. The appointment does not hurt and it is safe. Chiropractic care is so safe that is has been proven to be the one of the safest forms of healing art for our time. Insurance companies recognize the need for chiropractic care and its importance. This is why patients are able to easily find offices that accept their insurance. Remember, you can always find a free consultation with a doctor if you have further questions about this type of doctor.

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